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  • Prof. SANDEEP SANCHETI, President, Manipal University Jaipur
    Teaching and research has progressed over more than three decades... Read more
  • Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder, Storecheq
    Digitisation: a smart move to try and digitise the gifting card space and by giving the receiver multiple brand options to choose fromRead more
  • Ms. Sonali Chowdhry, Director - Marketing, OfficeNet
    Officenet deployment includes a large percentage of customisation and changes as per the specific enterprise business requirements. Read more
  • Bharat Ghetla, GM - Sales, Lalco Residency
    Looking For the Best Serviced Apartment in Mumbai? Your Search Ends Here Read more
  • Mr Varun Reddy, Director, Intersoft International Private Ltd
    247HRM allows companies to share their vision & goals and deliver policies in a transparent and uniform manner with employees. Read more
  • Dr. Pratima Sheorey, Director, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Pune
    Apart from academic excellence Read more

Cover Story


Samudra Manthan: An eternal template for Organizational Transformation

This shloka (and subsequent ones) from India’s great scriptures, Bhaagvat Puraan Read more...

HR's Contribution to Business Sustainability

Crises are situations which threaten the integrity, reputation and ultimately, the viability of a company. Read more...

Digital Disruptions Redefining Markets and Strategies

Entitled, self-absorbed and lack of patience. Familiar characteristics in office? Read more...

Automation in HR How Much Is Too Much?

As a 30 Year old prodigal HR Manager I feel that I am blessed to be witnessing this era which is unfolding around me. Read more...

The digital revolution is reshaping the way we live and work Read more...

Creating Happiness at the Workplace

Given the current lifestyles and work pressures, one in every five employees in the corporate world is undergoing some kind of stress, show studies. Read more...

Ways to Manage a Company's Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management, better known as ORM, is presenting and protecting a brand’s name and goodwill over the e-platforms. Read more...

Gender Bias

All of us would like to believe that gender bias does not exist. My point of view is that there are a few lucky members of society Read more...

Cross Roads of work and Life

The month of October is recognized as the 'National Work and Family month started in the year 2003, USA and was actively supported by the former president Mr. Barack Obama who emphasized the effectiveness Read more...

HR Speaks

Gender Equality

Gender equality is an important factor for any progressive company. Here are a few concrete steps to ensure that there is absolute parity and equality of opportunity for one and all. Read more..

Corporate Health, Insurance & Wellness

Prima facie all participants agreed that in today's dynamic world, most of the companies are encouraging their employees to be fitter & healthier in the workplace and are increasingly seeking new ways to enhance their well-being. Read more..

Mentality of Abundance for Transformational Leadership

It's a rare rainy day in our city. As I look out of the window, I see people scampering for cover from the rain. Read more...

HR Views

The most valuable asset for any great organisation is its human capital. HR has to play a greater role in keeping the human capital engaged, trained and motivated so that they can take the organisation to greater heights. Read more..

People Skills – The Differentiator

Having a high level of technical skills and extensive experience may not necessarily contribute to high level of performance or rise in career. Read more...

Executive Education

Building Leaders who Build Future

The changed world order, owing to the revolutionary technology advancements, has ushered in a new era of complexities for organizations – VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) Read more...

Campus to Commerce

In today's scenario, the students are more aware and are exposed to global intelligence at the press of a button. Read more...

Understanding the Millennial Workforce: Catch them Young!

New age technologies require new age understanding and curious minds working them to churn out the best results. Read more...


Paradigm Shift

Artificial Intelligence

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, one has to place oneself in the frontier of the advancements of our times; Read more...

Using Game Mechanics to drive Digital Transformation

Businesses today face a very VUCA world, where VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Change today is accelerated by technology like the internet, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). Read more...

The Future of Recruitment Technology

The concept of shopping around in a ‘Marketplace’ has gone digital. Not just products, but even Professional services are now conveniently bought online by consumers and even businesses. Read more...

Identifying and Selecting: Suitable Employee Profile

Human resource management is strategic approach to management of an organisation’s most valued assets – the people. Read more...

Creating High Performance Culture through Talent Management

It is well established that the external environment has grown more and more complex in the global and local ecosystem day by day. Read more...

Creating High Performance Culture through Talent Management

It is well established that the external environment has grown more and more complex in the global and local ecosystem day by day. Read more...

Off-Shore Perspective

If your job is getting you down, AI can switch everything around

For us, life seems like a series of choices that will determine our future, leaving us with possible regrets or, if we're lucky, sighs of relief. Read more...

Crystallize Your Thinking to Succeed

You have probably heard the common saying that there are three ways to acquire great wealth: to be born into it, to marry into it, or to earn it. Read more...

If we don't change in time, time will change us

The new Business Editor for People and Management, I am eager to share with you my knowledge, my experiences and above all my perspective about the 'algorithm of change' during the coming months. Read more...

Is Analytics within HR Functioning New?

Dr. Jac Fitzenz, Founder and CEO, Human Capital Source, is the father of human capital strategic analysis and measurement. Read more...

Are you a 'Multiplier' or 'Diminisher'?

Recently at the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) launch of the Leadership Standard Journey, held on the 26th October 2017, the attendees were introduced to the concept of ‘Multiplier and Diminisher’. Read more...

How important is employer branding?

Organisations strive to be attractive employers, with the goal of hiring competent employees. Read more...

Rise of ERP in Talent Management Systems

The rise of talent management systems has paved the way for improved applicant tracking in organisations.Read more...


Human Resources to Human capital management

Expectations from HR Function have undergone some tectonic changes in the last couple of decades and changing at an even faster pace like so many other changes that we are witnessing all around us. Read more...

The CEO-CHRO Relationship as Talent Leaders

Over the last ten years, the role of CEOs has changed to become a much broader and all-encompassing position than solely managing an organisation and its people. Read more...

Managing a Diverse Workplace

Over the last two decades there has been significant paradigm shift we have observed in HR processes as well as practices. Read more...

Creating shared values the key to growth

HR plays a major role in India's transformation process as the development of India can only take place through people. Read more...

How Cuckoo Tech Cracked The Gamification Code For T&A

Our team brings you an inside look: How the Indian firm created this breakthrough innovation, a blend of workplace psychology and the automation Technology Read more...


Innovator, Disruptor or being Disrupted!

“As a talent acquisition team, we have got to beef up and redefine the digital plan because the traditional ways of recruitment and selection Read more...

How to get best in class talent?

Achieving best in class talent starts with a strong talent focused culture within the entire organisation. Read more...

Management through Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all employees of an organisation to give of their best each day. Read more...

Yoga: Healthy Workforce is equal to Increased Productivity

India's much touted millennial population looks set to breach the 65 percent barrier by 2021. Read more...

Strategies to Manage Workforce across the Globe

Globalisation has been a key driver in broadening of diversity, cultures &defining strategic value & challenges. Read more...

The era of recruitment automation

The tide is turning in the recruiting industry. Candidates are now looking for faster and simpler ways to apply for a job. In most cases, this means online and on-the-go. Read more...





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People And Management
Media Kit


HR Best Practices

Challenges of Higher Education In India

India has one of the poorest Gross Enrolment Ratios (GER) for higher education in the world. According to 2010 data, India’s GER was a lean 13.8 percent, equated with the global average of around 26 percent. Australia, Russia and the U.S., to name a few examples, have GERs up of 75 percent. Read more...

Best Recruitment Practices

Employee Engagement

Turning Millennials

HR Best Practices in ASK Group

Mr Girish Shah
The Wadhwa Group

K. Raghavendra
Sr. VP & Global Head – HRD
Infosys BPO

Snehashish Bhattacharjee
Global CEO & Co-Founder

Ms Leena Wakankar Head - Human Recourses
ASK Group

Events Covered


Special Focus:

"Public Sector Undertakings - A Watermark of Indian Work Culture"

One may not be surprised to see most of the Maharatna and Navratna PSUs regularly featuring amongst India's Great Places to Work and Economic Times Top 100 Indian Companies to work for Read more...   

HR Technology Leading trends in India

Human resources is concerned with optimising the relationship between employers and employees while simultaneously ensuring that both groups positively contribute to the functioning of the businesses or organisations. Nowadays, technology is transforming a complex web of HR functions, and not just recruiting, scheduling, employee training, etc. Read more...   

Turning Millennials into Sales Leaders of Tomorrow

The landscape in which sales people operate is constantly changing at a fast pace and it is, in a way, redefining the rules of the trade. Underlying dynamics of the industry, such as changing consumer demands, demographic shifts, globalization as well as advent of disruptive technologies, all these are powering a perfect storm of industry trends which neither the customer nor the provider can escape from. Read more...

HR Business Partner Mission - A Critical Role

The complexities of the HR industry are elusive in understanding, starting from top management, hiring managers and even employees, from administrating, policy writing, payroll processing, to recruiting and retaining, HR has its roots buried deeply in important processes in an organisation. Read more...   

HR Best Practices

Technology An Effective Tool for HR

The role and skill of an HR professional have grown considerably in recent times due to the adoption and use of new technologies. The human resource professional can now take up more challenging roles in the organisations. The growing use of information technology has significantly increased the efficiency of HR management activities and processes resulting in increased speed and reduced cost. Read more...    

Employee Engagement: The Changing Landscape

The engagement strategies adopted globally to engage a diverse workforce are: provision of growth opportunities, strong reward and recognition programs, trust in leadership, capturing the voice of employees and identification of gaps between employee expectations and motivators. Engagement when done right leads to high performing, satisfied and loyal workforce. Read more...    

Interview: 'Empowered Employees are Engaged Employees'

Mr. Abhinav Chopra, Chief Human Resource Officer, Viacom18 speaks to People & Management. Excerpts...    

Best recruitment Practices

The 21st century ushered in an era of technology and innovations, paving the way for more talent, new out-of-the-box ideas and unparalleled client knowledge. As an organisation, we strive to utilize technology and our human capital to work in tandem and harmony. Read more...    

HR Best Practices in ASK Group

This is particularly true, now that the business eco-system is impacting an environment that is witnessing a synthesis of technologies which is blurring the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres. It is hard to find an organization that is not undergoing some form of change or transformation. Read more...    

Recruitment Planning

In the digital world, it's an increasing trend to extract profiles from social/professional networking, candidates presenting innovative 'video resumes', extensive use of video-conferencing for interviews to overcome time-distance-inconvenient hours Read more...    

HR Role

'India as the "Next" HR capital of the World'

Launching a Startup involves a few key factors - an 'idea' that you believe is the need of the hour; convincing others to 'fund' your idea; and finally ‘executing’ on realising the idea with conscious handling of the risks and constraints, while building and maintaining the capacity to develop, market and sell your product. Read more...

Thought Stimuli

Lighting the Fire Within: Lessons from India's First Coach

This will surprise you - the foremost 'coach' pre-dates them, it is Sage Narad (Muni). This is surprising however, for an even more compelling reason. Common knowledge of Narad Muni suggests that he was a mischief maker, a gossip monger. Read more...   

Paradigm Shift

Indai A Great place to Work

A typical morning at an Multi National Corporation (MNC) located in India: the teams are getting ready to close on the deliverables that were committed on the conference call last night. Expecting to circle back with their counterparts in Europe and North America, some of the commitments made are really difficult and hard to keep. It is just that someone on the ‘concall’ in India, knew but couldn’t gather the resolve to say it upfront. All are scrambling to ensure that we keep the commitment 'somehow'. Read more...

World View

How neuroscience can help us give and receive critical feedback?

Your brain is amazing and complex. While it weighs only a bit over 1kg, it uses close to 30 per cent of the fuel you bring into your body. The most important part of the brain for the modern work world is called the Pre-Frontal Cortex, or the PFC. Read more...

Employee Engagement

Understanding your Workforce's Creativity

The world of work is changing, and employees have to be more adaptable, innovative and creative. It is these elements that drive the competitive edge of a business and its sustainability. Read more...

Employee Engagement through Power of Communities

There is a beautiful story narrated by Dr. Scott Peck (best known for his work "The Road Less Travelled") in his book “The Different Drum” Read more...

Journey of Zoho Recruit

-- Rina Sagayamary Peter

Start To Finish

-- Simin Askari


The Principles of Leadership for junior and intermediate supervisors/section heads in Indian businesses are extremely crucial for achieving success          - Mr. William Hawke, MD, LBA. (Rtd. Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Canadian Forces).

HR Experts

Devendra Kumar Vyas, Chief Executive Officer, Srei Equipment Finance Limited Mr. Hari Padmanabhan, Chairman, PanIIT, Alumni Reach for India Foundation (PARFI) Prof.(Dr) Daviender Narang, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Wing Commander Mansoor Siddiqui (Retd), Director Training, Foster Placement & Training Services Pvt Ltd
Ruben Selvadoray, Chief Human Resources Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Rajesh Kamath, co- founder of MTHR Global and MTHR Global CxO Forum Kailash Shahani, Founder, Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd Gaurav Bakshi, Managing Partner, Strat-Board Services

Cynthia Wihardja
Firm Owner & Business Coach - ActionCOACH South Jakarta and Co-Master Licensee – ActionCOACH Philippines & China
Heather Saville Gupta
Chief Talent Officer,
The 120 Media Collective
Katy Tynan
Managing Director,
CoreAxis Consulting
Jagrati Shringi
Co-Founder and CTO
Shweta Satpathy
Founder, BrandRepublix
Madhuri Sen
Managing Director and Vice President, WE Communications India
Arifa Khan
Founder, Fintech Storm
Shachi Irde
Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC

Experts' Quotes

Ms Urvi Aradhya, Sr. VP Human Resources, K Raheja Corp
Talent Acquisition: Innovation And Challenges
Read more
Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, The Judge Group India
India will have the youngest workforce
Read more
Ms. Sindhu S., Human Resources Head - India, Brillio
Talent acquisition function and business are like an orchestra
Read more
Mr. Prabhat Bhardwaj, Vice President, HR & Administration, Power2SME
Identifying and hiring the right candidates for a job has always been a challenge
Read more
Ms. Rituparna Chakraborty, President, Indian Staffing Federation
End-to-end talent acquisition programmes Read more
Mr. Bhavik Vasa, Chief Growth Officer, ItzCash
A two pronged approach with talent capital - nurturing and acquiring
Read more
Ms. Saba Adil, Chief people officer, Aegon life Insurance
Building the culture and experience
Read more
Mr. Jayanth Selvappullai, Vice President, Human Resources, Brillio
Building a culture is one of the toughest tasks for a leader
Read more
Satinder Kaur, Manager – Talent Acquisition, Trunkoz Group
Global Workforce management
Read more
Mr. Sushil Baveja, President & Head- Corporate HR, DCM Shriram Ltd
Role of HR in Developing Corporate Culture
Read more
Simin Askari, Vice President, Corporate Human Resource, Dharampal Satyapal Limited
Multi - Layered Functions of HR department
Read more
Manmohan Bhutani, Vice President, HR and Business Operations, ACS Global Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Recruitment Trends – 'Ongoing War for the Right Fit'
Read more
Sunanda Rao, General Manager, Human Resources, Geodis Overseas Pvt. Ltd (India)
Creating an opportunity for professional development
Read more
Paritosh Shukla, Global Head of Human Resources, Vuclip
Creating High Employee satisfaction
Read more
Chaitrali Singh, Director HR, ZS India
Learn and Grow Through Role Evolution
Read more
Tim Braswell, Director – Human Resources, PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd
Challenges of Employee Lifecycle Management
Read more


XLRI: 'Shaping Management Education Since 1949'

XLRI - Xavier School of Management Director E. Abraham, S.J, speaks to People and Management Editor-at-Large Alankar Srivastava on the 68-year-old management school’s brand, education, relevance of international collaborations, advancement in technology, and much more. Excerpts...

India offers a full range of HR workforce solutions

The Adecco Group, India offers a full range of workforce solutions which are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients and associates. We have the capability to provide all these services locally and globally. Adecco India offers diversified and vast expert end-to-end solutions and services for all your HR requirements. Excerpts:

"Human Resources are the Firm's Distinguishing Factor"

Basesh Gala, Managing Director, 39 Solutions, has a strong base in financial & risk analysis, strategy & planning, consulting and general management. A Gold Medallist in MBA (Strategy and Financial Risk Management) from Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, USA, he mentors and coaches young managers and leaders. In an interview with Aamir H Kaki, Editor, he shares his valuable thoughts on the role of HR in organisations, employer as a brand and future plans of 39 Solutions. Excerpts:

Talent Series

Building Relationships with Critical Talent

An area for organizations to strengthen is their organizational culture, specifically to increase the focus on leadership and learning. This means not only providing formal learning opportunities but also creating an environment where leader growth and learning are encouraged informally Read more...

Talent Management: The Art of Managing Talent Pool

Talent Management is a commitment and strategic process of retaining, training and re-training employees to ensure business goals are met effectively and efficiently. However, it has different perceptions, understanding and applications for different organizations across different industries & geographies. Read more...

Co-create Talent Strategy with Business

"HR leaders do not need to influence senior leaders to agree to their talent strategy - senior leaders need to co-create the talent strategy with HR." Read more...

Building Talent Strategy 3 Principles & 3 Steps

'Talent strategy' results in 'effective business outcomes'. Talent is the most critical aspect in an organisation, especially in today's context. Read more...

Winning Outlook

Learning through Outdoor Expeditions

My journey as an entrepreneur while walking the path of "Just Be" comes with many bumps, bends, speed breakers and other times, some deal breakers. Read more...

Mastering the art of anticipating change

Many organisations learned to anticipate change. They learned to listen to all kinds of ‘wake-up calls’ and to analyze the story behind existing behavioural patterns within the organisation. Read more...

Leadership that Costs Less

Leadership is not cheap. It has a cost attached to it. As leaders try aligning more and more people towards their vision, they typically end up spending either on things that enhance their intimidation power or on things that can provide their followers with some extrinsic motivation. Read more...

Talent Management – Strategic Agenda - Prioritisation & Integration

Today's organisations face talent challenges related to engaging, retaining, and leading their talent. At the moment, few organisations have enough talented leaders in place – it is an important and urgent issue for all organisations, as capable leadership talent is very rare. Read more...

Science of Positive Leadership to Create flourishing Organisations

The year 2017 has kicked off with a bang, promotions, innovation and employment engagement at work has kept virtually every organisation on its toes. Read more...

Employee Engagement The Changing Landscape

Talent Analytics of various organizations highlight the demographic shift in the workforce trends. Workplaces are now having multi-generational and diverse workforces with millennials predominantly reshaping the future. Read more...

Building Self-Efficacy through Mentoring

Art of Story, one of the influential methods for driving learnings is when the mentor shares experiences and the lessons learnt, the sharing of personal success and failure stories of the mentors Read more...

Stepping Up The Ladder of Hierarchy

What is promotion? If you ask this question from a common man the answer will be giving the meaning of enhancement, up gradation, up liftmen and elevation in the status or the position, the person is already having. Going back to the history, the promotion became relevant for the defence personnel more than anybody else because the promotion used to link with the change in role, responsibility and authority. Coming to the Govt. sector, it represents power, position and authority. Read more...

HR Journal

Indian Ethos at Work

By Sundara Rajan

Sundara Rajan is a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures in Human Resources Consulting, Behavioural Assessments, Marketing Analytics and E publishing. He is a University Gold Medallist in Mechanical Engineering and an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (Batch of 1986).


Know more about this book


Closing Gender Gap

The Society today is more Amenable to Working Women

Read more
Organisations with better gender diversity are more innovative

Read more
Make More Positive Eff orts to Recognise and Develop Womens Potential

Read more
A True Learning Organisation is known for its Agility & Adaptability to Change
Read more
Our Leadership Team is Actually Balanced on Gender Diversity

Read more

HR News

Job Creation a Priority says E&Y

Ernst & Young has said that job creation is a priority shared by governments the world over, including those in emerging markets. As policy-makers seek to restore growth and a greater sense of optimism about their economies, EYs Rohan Malik says the time has come for less talk, and more action. For several years, as the global economy struggled to recover from the financial crisis, eyes turned toward the worlds rapid-growth markets for reassurance that the outlook was not universally bleak. And certainly, the performance of countries such as China and India, both buttressed by skyrocketing growth and booming investment, injected much needed confidence that the crisis would not be one without end. E&Y identifies 6 key actions to help job creation:

  1. Business Climate Reforms to improve ease of doing business

  2. Increasing attractiveness to improve competitiveness

  3. Livelihood enhancement to improve shared growth

  4. Micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) development and access to finance to improve sustainable growth

  5. Skill development to enhance the human capital

  6. Infrastructure development to produce an enabling environment

Must Read

Time Management: Now at your Finger Tips

Do huge chunks of assignments in your mail box bother you? Do you feel you could have been more productive and organised? Read more..

Ten Principles of Leadership

There are no two ways of the saying that leaders should lead from the front. Read more..

Get Your Hiring Act Right

Businesses all over the world are struggling to find the right talent to fill positions. Read more..

HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One?

People and Management magazine organised the first Knowledge Session entitled, HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One? on September 27, 2013 at LBA House Read more..

Why is Telecommuting 'in' Nowadays?

Akash is a software engineer and when he passed out from his engineering college, he got the dream job with one of the leading IT companies as a software... Read more..

Lighting the Fire Within - Lessons from India's First Coach

This will surprise you - the foremost 'coach' pre-dates them, it is Sage Narada (Muni). This is surprising for an even more compelling reason. Read more..


Business Case For Innovation: T&A Gamification, with inputs from Opportune Technologies Read more..








Cover Story

Human Touch will still Remain Relevant
Companies will invest more in Employer Branding 

HR Speaks

Diversity at Workplace: Demand of Today's Cross-culture Operations

HR Best Practices

Key Practices to Help Make Diversity Policies Successful

Corporate Structure

Succession Planning for Gen Y:
New Leaders need New Rules

Special Focus

Major HR Tech Trends in 2016

Paradigm Shift

Succession Planning: Build or Buy Talent?

Winning Outlook

Succession Planning: Not Replacement Planning


"Fullerton's HR structure is Well-equipped to Deliver"

Thought Stimuli

The 70:20:10 Model: Amplifying a Superlative Workforce

Offshore Perspective

Managing change & cultural Transformation: Tools & Resources to Deal with Change


and many more ...


Ten Leadership Commandments from a Great Leader, the Nelson Mandela

Understanding Non-Technical Skill Priorities in Entry and Mid Level Recruitments

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