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The era of recruitment automation

-- By ZOHO Recruit

The tide is turning in the recruiting industry. Candidates are now looking for faster and simpler ways to apply for a job. In most cases, this means online and on-the-go.

Statistics say that LinkedIn is responsible for 73 percent of all hires from social media. Additionally, an estimated 43 percent of referral hires come via Facebook, and 62 percent of applicants submit applications from their mobile devices. This constantly growing number of candidates means recruiters have to shift from the traditional, manual forms of tracking resumes and embrace automation.

While earlier, automation felt impersonal, but now it’s a necessity. Candidates are expecting more and more communication from recruiters, and automation is now an essential tool. At Zoho Recruit, we incorporate the ideal level of automation into your recruitment process that not only saves time and money, but also delivers an efficient recruiting process to yields positive results and a better overall candidate experience.

Automation enables great candidate experience

Consider this situation:A recruiter has to update 75 candidates about their progress in the interview, and all of them are at different stages of the interview process. The workflow automation feature in Zoho Recruit lets you create pre-determined rules or workflows that trigger actions when certain conditions are met.

Automation also ensures that there is the right amount of human interaction between recruiters and candidates, to create a pleasant candidate experience. Candidates, these days feel ignored when a recruiter does not respond to them within two or three days after the interview. Fortunately, workflow automation solves this problem and shortens the application process.

Applicants always like to be informed and valued throughout the hiring process. The email templates created on Zoho Recruit lets you personalise emails and address them to the candidates to make sure candidates feel they are being taken seriously.

Recruiters can create a rule to update a candidate when they have cleared an interview round‚, if they’ve been hired or rejected or if their profile has been put-on-hold, with a single click. The workflow will send an email and a text message to inform the candidate. This kind of automation makes sure that the communication channel is proper and right for every candidate.

Automation helps communicate better

Staffing agencies constantly need approvals from their clients when an applicant has been shortlisted for a job opening. Oftentimes, there are multiples candidates applying for the same job opening. Zoho Recruit’s candidate database has a “submit-to-client” option for every candidate profile. Now, you don’t have to juggle between several tabs to send emails. A workflow trigger will send an email to the client asking for approval of the profile. At the same time, the candidate will receive an email that their CV has been forwarded to the hiring manager for approval approval.

Automation can also help teams collaborate better

By using the, Zoho Recruit workflow automation for tasks, every time a new task is created, all the users/recruiters on your database will receive an alert. This makes it easier to track progress of your team members and improves your overall efficiency. Additionally, Recruit’s workflow field updates help you update values of specific fields like job openings, candidates, or interviews, when the associated workflow rules are executed.

So, for those staffing agencies or in-house recruiters in fear of losing out on the best talent, switch to an effective automative solution today. And remember,, your job is not just to find the right candidates, but to place them in the right roles.











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