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How to get best in class talent?

By Rimzhim Nabh

Achieving best in class talent starts with a strong talent focused culture within the entire organisation. It’s a culture where leaders and employees embrace the importance of acquiring top talent. To start an effective sourcing strategy, we need to keep in mind these simple incremental steps:

Be Innovative!

Regrettably, the traditional approach of sourcing talent for most Organisations remains unchanged. While tactical approaches have evolved, including the emergence of social media as a push /pull sourcing strategy, the notion of organisation recruitment is usually limited to filling a job requisition, while success tends to be measured by how quickly one can bring a “cheek in the seat”.

While many Companies would deny this sort of sourcing approach, the reality is many leaders have unfairly abdicated the ownership of talent sourcing to a small group of people (usually residing in HR) who shoulder the burden of executing this strategy. Many organisations are also starting to reduce their reliance on traditional online job boards, as they tend to generate an avalanche of mostly unqualified candidates.

The integrated approach to sourcing starts at looking at doing things differently. Top talent do not necessarily search for jobs online, and this is why an employee referral programme is an effective first start to sourcing talent at a small fraction of the cost of traditional methods of sourcing.

Shifting your recruiters (and employees) mindset from gatherers to hunters of talent, and rewarding them for it has consistently demonstrated an effective approach to sourcing. Several organisations have been forced to innovate as a result of the concentration of their business presence.

The “Agent” Job Description

This is one area where most organisations spend little time positioning their company and the role. All organisations want the best agents and ask for a laundry list of skills and experiences, and are quite happy to pay at the “lower end” of the market to achieve it.

However, it’s critical to create a realistic inventory of your minimum “non-negotiable” job requirements and shift the emphasis towards specific actions and results, including why it’s a great place to work. Understanding what are the key traits and behaviours that drive the performance of your existing successful agents must also be considered. Look at your competition and go back and speak with your high-performing agents and determine the priority of your ask. This will also help you ensure you are targeting the right candidate pool for the right job.

Your Brand

Differentiating your brand and creating a compelling statement through actions that make you unique are critical to selling the job and career. Leverage your people, job content, vision, value statements & website to do the talking for you. Looking at your most successful competitor and understanding how and why they are successful is critical.

A well-defined integrated brand focused approach should contribute to a professional candidate experience through each step of the sourcing & hiring process.


Leveraging technology to automate your hiring process via a cost efficient Talent Management System will enable your people to focus their strategic efforts (and time) on networking for talent.

It also involves ensuring you have the right networker doing your sourcing in the first place. This, coupled with shifting the cultural mind-set to ensure you have the capacity via social media to connect with colleagues, peers, business acquaintances and friends, while also leveraging competitive intelligence in your community, is a critical success factor.

While many other sourcing strategies and tactics exist, commencing with small incremental and measuring steps will allow you to create an effective sourcing strategy in a very short period of time. The pressure to source and hire new quality talent continues to be significant across Canada. Leveraging all the tools and processes available will enable the organisations to seize opportunities and create a competitive advantage into the future.


Rimzhim Nabh heads Corporate and international HR at Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad. She can be reached at

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