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Technology An Effective Tool for HR

By Ms Meenakshi Khera

"HR professionals should remember that employees are the pillars of any company. If we create a Fun @ the workplace experience for them, the ROI can be hundred percent in feedback and in productivity"

The role and skill of an HR professional have grown considerably in recent times due to the adoption and use of new technologies. The human resource professional can now take up more challenging roles in the organisations. The growing use of information technology has significantly increased the efficiency of HR management activities and processes resulting in increased speed and reduced cost. It has created an effective and efficient communication system for

employee engagement, talent management, employee development, performance management, training and learning.

Traditional HRM, where company feedbacks were being taken through manual based survey collections, are now giving way to technology based solutions like Glassdoors where feedbacks are likely to be more authentic (as anonymous) and in real-time. Thereby enabling HR to act better, faster to improve the company parameters so as to retain and attract talent.

The advent of open-source coding in the technological arena has given rise to enabling series of HR applications performance management systems (PMS), employee engagements, etc. Implementing such apps brings transparency into the system and ensures that the corporate culture is data driven rather than emotions driven evaluation.

We now also see technology solutions around customer feedbacks (like Mouthshut) directly talking of the company, and its products. This will help to analyse softer issues around its employees, which could be impacting the client feedbacks. A simple assessment may show that the sales executives are not as courteous as they should be; HR could then quickly train them on the importance of managing clients delicately.

Technology, therefore, not only boosts HRM performance, it also assists in guiding other departments so as to improve overall company wide performances.

Meenakshi Khera 

Ms Meenakshi Khera
Director HR
FastBooking India Pvt Ltd




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