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HR Best Practices in ASK Group

By Ms Leena Wakankar

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." – Charles Darwin

This is particularly true, now that the business eco-system is impacting an environment that is witnessing a synthesis of technologies which is blurring the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres. It is hard to find an organization that is not undergoing some form of change or transformation. 

At ASK we believe that Organisation Change is a Cycle and not a destination.

Considering the changes in environment, business and regulation, ASK HR has embraced the following practices:

Quality Recruitment

At ASK we want to reach out to the best people and it pays to utilize the best sites out there. One of our effective methods involves attracting talent that isn’t necessarily applying to the organisation for a position—for example, via LinkedIn. This is also known as finding ‘passive’ job candidates. This involves strategies such as networking, focusing on growth / satisfaction in job descriptions, and communicate with recruits as people, rather than potential job candidates.

Automation and Analytics

There is no value to be created from technology unless people embrace it. Automation through a cloud solution has enabled employee mobility. The availability of real time data to business has supported us in making key decisions based on analytics and not assumptions. We have also seen analytics being a key driver to make important / key decisions for business growth.

Capability Building

An engaged work force has the potential to create exponential value. In turn, that creates winning culture that in turn, offers the greatest elixir to talent – growth and new responsibilities.

While there is no “one size fits all” when designing an effective capability program, improved business performance is achievable if design criteria are carefully planned. A few sample considerations include: What capabilities are important for the business? Which teaching methods offer the best return?

Measuring the effect it has on the organization’s performance is often difficult. At ASK we have a blend of classroom, experiential workshops and “real-life” concept application. There is an immediate impact after the training that quickly drives improved performance. We have Action Learning Projects i.e. live projects for skill building and leadership programs which are implemented in 3 to 6 months. Projects are chosen keeping in mind the direct impact they have on business.

Flexible Organization Design

High-impact HR organizations are flexible and agile. No HR structural model (centralized, decentralized or a combination of the two) in itself emerged as a predictor of HR success. But certain structural features do lend themselves to areas of excellence. One feature that we found to be valuable was flexibility. Fancy organization charts and designs are fine – provided the organisation also has a culture which recognizes the need to adapt structurally when business needs and challenges change, besides an HR staff that is capable of making those changes.

Organisation Architecture

An architect is called into an already constructed building to draw up its plans. In organisation parlance, at ASK, HR is accountable for conducting an organisation audit. We enabled and helped managers prepare blue prints to identify which components of the company must change in order to facilitate smooth execution. HR works towards defining the organisation architecture in terms of its culture, competencies, rewards, governance, work processes and leadership.

HR has so far successfully been able to use the model to guide management through rigorous discussions of 'fit' - did the company's culture fit its strategy goals, its competencies and so forth. When the answer is no, HR is able to facilitate a discussion on how to obtain or develop what was missing.

K. Raghavendra 

Ms Leena Wakankar
Head - Human Recourses
ASK Group




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