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Best Recruitment Practices

By Mr Girish Shah, Director, The Wadhwa Group

"If there is a will, prosperity can’t be far behind" – Washington Irving (American historian)

The 21st century ushered in an era of technology and innovations, paving the way for more talent, new out-of-the-box ideas and unparalleled client knowledge. As an organisation, we strive to utilize technology and our human capital to work in tandem and harmony.

As employers, the most indispensable employee skills we stress on are teamwork, integrity, honesty, correct communication, and an understanding of our business. The recruitment of talent that complements the business in any organisation, large or small, is best fulfilled by the HR department. Strategizing the most appropriate policies and procedures for interviewing, recruiting and mentoring, lies within the domain of human resources.

Finding the right candidate is always a challenge in every organisation. Our processes are simple. We solicit requirements from the heads of various departments and detail them to the HR personnel. A lot of consideration is given to all the requisite steps during the recruitment process to assist HR in bringing the best talent on board.

To begin with, our job descriptions for opportunities across the hierarchy reflect a total clarity about the candidate’s skills, experience and expectations of the specific role in question leaving no ambiguity for candidates. However, we are rather fastidious about a candidate’s mindset, his cultural compatibility and attitude as well which go a long way into building the right team for a consistent growth of our business. We offer total clarity of growth prospects to candidates for them to get an insight about their future in the organisation.

Recruitment of the most preferred talent and their retention in the organisation are enormous challenges. Our company culture is built to create a highly conducive environment towards growth and a familial ambience.

Most organizations delve on both external and internal resources for recruitment of fresh/experienced talent. Employee referrals are another source of recruitment we consider for the simple reason that we are assured of the person’s talent, background and commitment. This also helps increase the employee’s value proposition.

Internal recruitments provide promising growth prospects to existing employees. This also reduces the cost of hiring through external agencies and enhances the goodwill of the organisation giving it a reputation of being the most professional place to work. Internal recruitments ease the burden of recruitment and lend an assurance about the specific employees to the organisation. The organisation is well-versed with their personal and professional background, their commitment to the organisation and their manner of functioning and dedication. However, while this does hold true, there are chances of becoming complacent though we have never been at the receiving end of any such situation.

We maintain a constant monitoring of the employee’s performance, his interaction and consistent compatibility with others across the organisation, and his unrelenting passion to work towards achieving more. We ensure that they continue being highly accountable, innovate and keep performing amidst a diverse and competitive scenario. We are very emphatic that common sense prevails and ideas, innovations and solutions are what we expect for moving towards growth and success.

Our personal involvement in hiring the best talent helps us connect and engage better with prospective candidates. A personal touch helps us gauge their emotional intelligence, gives us an understanding of their professionalism, whether a reference check is a prerequisite and helps us make a timely career proposition to the candidate.

We take great care to ensure that a good work-life balance is enjoyed by all our staff, male and female thereby lending them emotional security. The word ‘failure’, in our space, does not call for penalizing as we firmly believe that one learns best from mistakes. Making mistakes helps one understand how to fill the gaps and overcome weaknesses. Compensations, rewards and promotions are synonymous with performances and are great morale boosters for everyone in the organisation. We have a very unbiased nature in our appreciation of talent across all designations and positions across the organisation.

Great care is taken to assure that once the candidate has sailed smoothly through all the interviews and tests, if any, we expedite the process of hiring. Our aim is to become the most attractive employers in India and take pride in stating that we do enjoy the highest levels of employee loyalty.

Girish Shah 

Mr Girish Shah
The Wadhwa Group




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