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Though the quantity of universities, colleges and programmes are going on increasing in the country, the lack of quality education persists. Earning a degree is becoming fairly easy and most graduates are not prepared to enter the competitive professional world. There are numerous areas for improvement.

What are the services offered by Adecco in India?

The Adecco Group, India offers a full range of workforce solutions which are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients and associates. We have the capability to provide all these services locally and globally. Adecco India offers diversified and vast expert end-to-end solutions and services for all your HR requirements including:-

• General Staffing Solutions • Professional Staffing • Permanent Placement • Outsourcing Solutions • RPO & MSP Management • Workforce Solutions and Career Transition Services • Compliance and Payroll Management Services • Onsite Solutions What are the challenges in recruitment in India?

There are various challenges facing HR professionals and recruitment consultants today. Recruitment consultants are expected to be quick and effective on the job. If they are not tapping on the best talent first they are soon left with a pool of unfit candidates. The market is also flooded with ill-prepared recruiters who lack market knowledge. It is important that you keep the learning curve rising all the while. Skills shortage continues to plague various sectors and is an ongoing challenge for recruiters.

With the advent of technology in HR, processes are better streamlined. While this has a positive impact on the industry, we find that many recruiters are not prepared for this shift. An HR professional has to continually update his/her skills to remain relevant in the job. Furthermore, as mobile becomes the dominant platform, recruitment agencies will need to embrace modern marketing techniques and focus on making their jobs and content mobile accessible. It’s no longer optional – your candidates need to be able to apply via mobile.

Retaining millennials is a herculean task for present day HR. Talent poaching and cut-throat competition has given an impetus of high remuneration to the deserving candidate. Job seekers have gained lot of exposure and are always on the lookout for better opportunities.

In your opinion, what are the challenges for job seekers in India?

Every month, a million Indians become age-eligible to join the workforce, but the growth in jobs has not kept pace with the rising number of aspirants. Also, traditionally labour-intensive industries are beginning to increasingly mechanise their operations. While it makes them more productive and profitable, it also shrinks job opportunities.

Another major challenge is of skilling. Only a small percentage of the large number of graduates possess the suitable skill sets to be employable. This is an indication that the higher education in India needs improvement. Skill-based education is an immediate need. For instance, engineering students need to have hands-on training on the basis of the problems they are likely to encounter in the real world. There is also a tendency to disregard the essential soft skills. Educational institutes must focus on ensuring a holistic development of students, so as to provide them with the right hard skills and soft skills.

Companies often say that there is lack of available talent while job seekers complain about lack of jobs. Why does this paradoxical situation exist?

Here again, it is pertinent to mention the dismal state of higher education in India. Though the quantity of universities, colleges and programmes are going on increasing in the country, the lack of quality education persists. Earning a degree is becoming fairly easy and most graduates are not prepared to enter the competitive professional world. There are numerous areas for improvement. For instance, the syllabuses in most institutes are outdated and are not in line with the expectations of the industry. For instance, technology is causing most sectors to evolve. Unfortunately, the curriculum does not reflect the current trends in the industry. There is also a lack of innovation and research; these integral skills are not actively promoted in our education system. At the end, colleges pump out thousands of graduates every year, while only a fraction possess the right skill set and talent to make it in the professional world.

The Indian economy is progressing yet unemployment remains one of the biggest concerns. With automation and advancements in technology, industries are adopting time and cost effective processes that are saving monies for the company. This means that many sectors are moving on from their initial labour intensive outlook to a far more streamlined and technology dependent future. Hence, jobs are shrinking. At the same time, technology is also creating new jobs and profiles, though this is not enough. There is unfortunately a mismatch between graduates and labour market needs & available jobs.

How does Adecco help in bridging this gap?

The Adecco Way to Work is a global initiative from the Adecco Group to empower youngsters with the skills and experience necessary to shape the future world. This initiative aims to help young talented minds define their career objectives, find the right job with a quality work experience which will kick start their career.

This global initiative consists of three programmes all designed to tackle youth unemployment issues. The first is our global Street Day. One day a year, our colleagues across the globe hit the streets to help students. To date, our Street Day initiative alone has provided advice, coaching and inspiration to over three million people. The second is our CEO for One Month Internship Program. CEO for One Month gives students the opportunity of a lifetime to shadow our leadership teams worldwide. It’s more than just an internship – it’s an experience. And lastly is our Internship Program, offering thousands of internships both internally and with our clients throughout the year. More than 6,700 of our own employees are involved in helping young people to access the work opportunities that will offer them brighter futures.

Adecco Way to Work also provides professional coaching, free workshops and training in job hunting, personal on-line branding, the preparation of effective CVs and advice on how to best perform at job interviews. We need to better equip young people with the right hard and soft skills that today’s businesses are crying out for. That’s where Adecco comes in – they can help to bridge this skills mismatch by providing guidance and training. A lack of experience counts against new entrants to the job market. Temporary work, internships, work experience schemes and apprenticeships can help youngsters to take their first step onto the career ladder. They can start to build up that much needed experience through a variety of jobs. It’s all about improving their employability.

Currently, which are the most promising fields in India for a long term career?

While looking for long term career there are many field which are set on the promising lucrative option and well-paying remunerations, along with growth few I can pen down are High Management Cadre, IT Professionals, Charted Accountants (CAs) & Corporate Financial Advisors (CFAs), Aviation Careers, Software Programmers etc.


Anviti Sangwan - HR Director, Adecco Group








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