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By Drs. Marianne J. Franze

Dear Friends,

As the new Business Editor for People and Management, I am eager to share with you my knowledge, my experiences and above all my perspective about the ‘algorithm of change’ during the coming months. I always keep in mind two facets: business and people. That's what HR is all about, isn't it? However, let me first introduce myself a bit more.

As a psychologist, an entrepreneur, a writer and a mother of two daughters, originally coming from The Netherlands, I am privileged with the experience of living and working in India for the past ten years. I focus myself on executive coaching and consultancy in the field of Change Management and Innovation in both Indian and international organisations. My passion is to guide people on how to break through redundant norms, stimulating them to create new paradigms, and implementing new ‘rules’ into their work or businesses.

Staying ahead of time requires a questioning spirit and breaking through existing paradigms, norms and regulations which have lost relevance. Cultural and behavioural patterns must be revived. However, as we all know this is easier said than done. Often, fear prevails over curiosity towards the ‘new’ future. That’s why I feel inspired to support people in discovering their curiosity and letting go of the fear. How bright is the light at the end of the tunnel? A second, even bigger question is how bright can we make the light at the end of the tunnel ourselves? This is an important element in every change process, irrespective of the core business of the organisation, the background of people involved or our culture.

With more than 30 years of experience in leading change and innovation processes, in the West and in India, I developed the vision to continually challenge, guide and lead people in change. I firmly believe that hidden talents must be uncovered, young potential leaders coached, and knowledge and experiences shared to provide space for continuous future growth. Why do I believe in this? If we both listen carefully to voices of organisations amidst change, we often hear challenging questions more on ‘how’ to manage change rather than ‘what’ needs to be changed. We all know change is more than just about jumping from one situation to another. The challenge lies in embracing change in order to stay ahead of time and to be able to achieve the organisation’s ambitions with respect to business and people. The question is how to go about it. In my experience, business and people are two facets of the same coin and equally important, especially in these fast changing times. Once people are on track, business will naturally follow and the same goes for the other way around.

In my role to lead change I have successfully enabled companies to transition through tough changes that positively impact ROI, lead time, cultural differences, mergers, leadership development etc. Companies like Philips CFT, IKEA -South Asia, Litrogas Lanka Ltd. (Sri Lanka), Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust - Dubai, Technip KT - India, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), World Health Organization - India, Air France KLM - India, and Bisonkit Manufactory Headquarters - The Netherlands are just a few names that have benefitted from my approach, leadership style, experience and expertise.

Furthermore, I worked with the Dutch Ministry of Defence; Ministry of Economic Affairs; Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport; Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

By walking through organisations every single day, I feel inspired to share my knowledge and experiences with you. Please share with me your ideas, thoughts, views and questions.


Drs. Marianne J. Franzen
Executive coach, Consultant, Director The Change Express


Drs. Marianne J. Franzen
Executive coach, Consultant, Director
The Change Express

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