Learnability Most Essential Skill for Future-ready Leaders and Workforce
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By Vikas Jain*

LearnabilityIn today’s fast-changing world, development of the human capital in any organization is getting more and more attention. This is due to the reason that the shelf life of skills is getting shorter at a very fast pace. A decade ago, the shelf life of skills used to be in the order of 10-15 years; now it has reduced to 2-3 years. And with further developments, it is going even shorter than that. Hence constantly upgrading the skills and knowledge of leaders and workforce are the only options for survival in today’s world.

“Learnability” has emerged as an essential factor to efficiently acquire any other skill. In simple words, Learnability is the individual’s ability to learn i.e. acquire a new skill/knowledge efficiently. L&D department in various organizations has started realizing the importance of “Learnability” in the future workforce. Organizations are also making changes to their hiring process to assess the “Learnability” of the new hire, as they are aware that in the fast-changing landscape, their future-ready workforce needs to have better “Learnability” to learn skills faster and efficiently.

“Learnability” is playing even a more critical role in the development of future-ready leaders. For leaders, changes are even faster and they are supposed to acquire a significant understanding of these new skills with more precision to compete with competition and avoid any mistake.

We can nurture “Learnability” by creating an environment to inspire learning. During my interviews with world leaders, for my book “The Secret Behind Super Achievers: Self Education”, it is clearly visible that Leaders create an environment and habits which “inspire learning”. At Adhyan World, we are on a mission of building an ecosystem to provide a conducive environment to nurture “Learnability”.

* Vikas Jain, Author, Founder of Adhyan

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