Managing a Large Millennial Human Resource Bank
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By Saurabh Deep Singla*

Human Resource BankAs India rapidly approaches the mark of being the youngest country in the world, the millennial takeover of the workforce is inevitable. The solution is, of course, to shape up or ship out. There is no third option.

This adaptation clause, however, is no longer applicable to the average employee fighting to hold onto a job. In the New Age, the responsibility has been seamlessly transferred onto the employer’s shoulders to keep up and evolve, and that is the second hard-hitting truth.

If you are an entrepreneur launching your dream project or a manager looking for a fresh team, you will at some point need a millennial or more. That should not be too worrisome since there are 71 million eager millennials available globally1. The challenge lies in getting some to work for you and more importantly, keeping them happy.

Most companies revising and upgrading their internal environments exist in the IT, Logistics, Pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors. Even startups are millennial magnets due to their requirements and budgets. Players in these sectors require a vast workforce, all sharing the same work environment and culture.

After an aggressive branding campaign that assists the millennial candidate to identify with your organisation, the next step is to design that perfect nest to house the quirky millennial set!

Creating the Right Environment and Culture

Unlike ancient autocratic practices, the millennial work environment is filled with stimulating learning opportunities, recognition tools, technology, automation and that much-needed balance between personal and professional life.

Even the role of the boss requires an upgrade to a more friendly and mentor-based version. An open, free-flowing, communicative set up will always work better than a hierarchical, strict or a closed system. This can include flexible work timings, dress codes and more expressive workplace behaviour. Studies show that environmental conditions outshine remuneration for this age group.

Technology and Engagement

Mass Hiring: Millennials adore technology and lap it up effortlessly. Utilising technology for mass hiring will always benefit you while attracting the right candidate. Ensure the social media tools you employ are mobile friendly. Plus, reduce your resume screening time by using AI. Automated application processes can also make your function smoother and create a positive impression of your business.

Once onboard, there are quite a few easy ways to boost workplace efficiency, promote transparency and make every millennial feel right at home:

Chatbots and Self-service: Chatbots are playing significant roles in HR functions right from recruitment, orientation, training to regular assessment and acknowledgement. Plus it has been proven that employees exposed to self-service portals related to handling their own leave applications, payroll matters, expense claims etc., feel more empowered and confident.

Communication: Interpersonal communication is vital in the workplace. To facilitate this, it is quieter and more efficient to set up localized social media, chat rooms and other connecting applications within the organization. You will find beaming youngsters, motivated to work as soon as your installations are up and running.

Automated workflows and HR Processes: Workplace automation is not necessarily the only millennial favourite. It can benefit all kinds of employees with alerts, reminders, update requests, data collection, processing and lead generation to name a few. It is something that will leave more time for young millennial minds to define concepts and infuse originality into every nook and cranny of their professional output. These systems are especially useful for large teams in 500 plus sized organisations.

Employee Analytics: Utilizing Big Data has ushered in the next stage of technological advancement. In HR related people analytics, information related to productivity and motivation can provide valuable insight into what is making your millennial workforce happy. Analytics is the easier and cheaper way to identify bottlenecks in production, feed runs and other roadblocks in your internal processes, before the real damage hits.

Creating Business Partnerships in a Dynamic Work Environment

Strategic business partnerships and alliances with other corporations, startups and even entrepreneurs can be especially beneficial for a millennial employee base. They foster learning and development via exposure to fresh perspectives and varied expertise.

In fact, today’s landscape is ideal for business partnerships across functions and makes perfect sense in multiple ways that combine talents and expertise, while keeping the work environment exciting.

The Ecom Express Way!

Ecom Express is an end-to-end technology-enabled logistics solutions provider with an employee base of more than 20,000 employees, comprised of a vast millennial percentage. Our teams and customers are spread in 2,400 towns and cities all over India and these numbers are fast growing.

Employing all such technologies in our workplace with a few coming up, our work processes are seamless and efficient.


* Saurabh Deep Singla, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, ECom Express

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