Que: What is the concept of serviced apartments?

Travelling forms an important part of our active life. Some travel for work, some for adventure and others for greater exposure to life’s facets. An open secret about travelling is that everyone misses certain aspects of home. Let’s face it; hotel rooms don’t exactly emulate a homely feel with their overtly manicured experience. At such times, a serviced apartment is arguably the best option. A home away from home, serviced apartments can give most hotel rooms a run for their money.

So, what is it that makes a serviced apartment better in almost every aspect than a hotel room?

Serviced Apartments are hotel suites with the added benefit of a fully functioning kitchen.

Most serviced apartments offer all of the amenities and services of comparable hotels, including daily housekeeping services, restaurants, gyms and many other facilities, while also providing guests with all of the comforts of home.

In a serviced apartment, guests have more options to choose from; whether its cooking a meal in their own kitchen or ordering room service; or sending laundry out or doing it yourself; or eating a meal in a restaurant or at your own private dining room table.

Que: What is the future of serviced apartment segment in India?

While, many serviced apartments have been around as long as hotels, serviced apartments have been gaining more and more popularity every year across the globe and especially in India.

This recent growth in serviced apartments can be mostly attributed to the incredible value companies and individuals fi nd when they compare serviced apartment rates to the rates available at comparable hotels. Serviced apartments, like Lalco Residency in Andheri (E), Mumbai, are often much cheaper than hotels of the same star class in the same area.

Que: How is it a better option than traditional hospitality industry?

As tough as it may be for hotels to accept, a hotel room is actually just a fancy bedroom. Just one. For someone to spend a night, it’s fine. But anything more than that and the cramped nature of a hotel room gets to you. Serviced apartments on the other hand are much like a mini-home. Very often, they have a separate living room, bedroom and even a kitchen. Lalco Residency, one of western Mumbai’s best serviced apartments, located in Andheri has such a structure. They offer a full kitchen and a minimum of 2 full bathrooms, even in a single bedroom apartment. So, you can organize your things better, live more freely and not have the feeling of being cooped in a tiny room.

One of the major advantages of a serviced apartment over a hotel room is the choice of multiple rooms in a single apartment; yet integrated into a single unit. For a big family or a large corporate team travelling together, different hotel rooms become a compulsion and more often than not, a massive inconvenience. With serviced apartments everyone can occupy different bedrooms in a single apartment, share breakfast on the dining table, watch a movie together in the living room and interact in a homelike atmosphere.

Que: What are the services offered by Lalco Residency?

Lalco Residency provides all of the standard services of a 5-star hotel including daily housekeeping services, concierge services, room service and a 24/7 management and security team. LR also offers guests access to a state-of-the-art club house including a swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, badminton court among many other amenities and activities.

The service apartments at Lalco Residency range from one to six bedroom options. Each apartment has a fully-functioning kitchen, a six-member dining table, modern kitchen appliances, cutlery and tastefully designed interiors. It’s so uncannily homely, that you’ll miss it when you’ve check-out.

Que: What is the guiding principle or motto of Lalco Residency?

Lalco Residency strives to provide the best value for money for all of our guests, plain and simple. Our goal is to make a 5-star experience affordable for all guests. In order to achieve our goals, we try to make smart decisions that allow us to maintain and improve on our 5-Star services and apartments without increasing our rates to unaffordable levels. We may not have the fanciest artwork in our apartments, but we do pride ourselves on hanging locally sourced artwork from many local artists. We do not have Mercedes cars picking up our guests, but we do have drivers and Toyota Innovas available 24/7 to provide guests with any transportation services they may need.

Que: When was Lalco Residency established?

Lalco Residency was established in late 2009, just a short while after construction fi nished on its new building and residential complex.

Que: Looking at the Testimonials on Lalco Residency website, what makes Lalco Residency popular with the guests?

Maximize your comfort in the Mumbai Suburbs! Lalco Residency not only brings ultimate value with world class amenities, but our serviced apartments are also centrally located to facilitate the balance between work and living.


Bharat Ghetla, GM - Sales, Lalco Residency

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