Founded on the ethos of In Omnia Paratus, it is only apt to ask this - tell us about the challenges that the IEC Group has faced over all these years.

Nowadays we see that rapid technological changes are taking place around the globe wherein education through acquisition of data and information and even conventional technological skills are increasingly becoming inadequate.

We, at IEC, are conscious of the fact that education must mean knowledge where creativity, sharing and using the knowledge are the key factors contributing to the development and prosperity of the society. This needs drastic changes in the existing system for which we are mentally prepared and therefore, have been improving and imparting quality education to our students since past so many years.

To meet the fast and ever-growing global competition and challenges, we inspire our students to be better than best and develop a killer instinct in them so that they are second to none.

What sets IEC Group of Institutions apart from others?

IEC Group of Institutions is not only known for providing the best professional and managerial courses, but is also considered as an ideal place of student friendly, intellectual environment where freedom of thought, creativity and scholarly pursuit flowers.

The main attraction of students for joining IEC Group of Institutions (GI) is our bias for merit-based admissions, nurturing the science base of modern engineering along with core competence in major engineering disciplines. A strong component of engineering training and project work along with well coordinated laboratory exercises strengthen their problem-solving capacities. Besides giving our students top level quality education, we provide ample opportunities for improving their overall personality by developing their communication and presentation skills, team spirit, cooperative working, inter-personal skills, business acumen, leadership and organisational capabilities and capacities.

Being a seasoned businessman and a dedicated educationist, give us an insight on how do you manage to do justice to both?

I had no formal training in business but learnt all the lessons in business management from my mentor - my Father, Shri R.L Gupta, a great entrepreneur and a multifaceted personality.

When I started off my journey as a businessman nearly two decades ago, I had a lot of confidence in myself and it was my father who recognised my potential and gave me the reigns of business, and gave me the opportunity to handle such a huge empire. It was not just a chance for me, it was a great opportunity, an opportunity which I couldn’t afford to miss, a key to open the doors of all the dreams which I had been harbouring somewhere deep within my heart.

With time and experience, I gradually understood the intricacies of handling such a big empire. But I learnt that it is very important to have faith in your own abilities before others have faith in you. One needs to work hard to sustain and maintain it. There is no shortcut to success and you need to toil hard and keep confidence in your abilities.

This confidence and perseverance have been my constant companions through this entire journey.

I have always looked up to my Dad for inspiration. He is very close to my heart and as an educationist, he has always had faith in me that I will constantly strive to make it better and best for my students. This belief in me always keeps me on my toes.

I have travelled widely and as an educationist, I believe that Education is another word for empowerment. Education can be empowerment when it gives you knowledge as well as skills. Education can transform a person.

Each day I wake up with excitement and enthusiasm as I have a goal to achieve. I love my work, it is my passion. It is oxygen and blood for me which keeps me going.

In your opinion, what are the key attributes of a good entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur must have his goal clearly set and frame strategies to achieve that goal. He should be able to turn ideas into action and achieve his objectives.

Creativity, persuasiveness, innovation, risk-taking and risk tolerance are the other attributes that one needs to have to be a successful entrepreneur.

Share briefly about the global projects successfully completely by IEC.

We, in IEC GI, firmly believe in uncompromising commitment to impart quality technical education as per the fast changing global needs and knowledge society. IEC aspires to be the centre of innovators and leaders of science and technology, charged up with new ideas. IEC’s mission is to equip young men and women with knowledge, skills and personal attributes consistent with the needs of a technologically advanced and globally competitive economy.

IEC GI has signed partnerships with some of the best academic giants across the globe to give its students a global exposure and International edge. IEC has International Collaborations with the following Universities:

• University of Huddersfield, UK
• University of BORAS, SWEDEN,
• IBP Academy, UK,
• Edinburgh Napier University, SCOTLAND,
• University of Hertfordshire, UK.
• Taylors’ University College, UK
• University of South Alabama, USA
• Venice International University, ITALY
• University of Derby, UK
• University of Central Lancashire, UK,
• Rotterdam School of Management, UK
• University of Milan, ITALY
• University of Goethenberg, SWEDEN
• Central European University, FRANCE
• Janus Pannonius University, HUNGARY

IEC Education had emerged as a conglomerate of diverse IT activities ranging from software development to consultancy, offshore and on-site development, training and Turnkey Solutions and had planned overseas strategic alliances with a thrust on the USA, UK, Poland and Malaysian market.


IEC was a part of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), a mega project of Malaysian government. The US$5.3 billion MSC being built on more than 750 sq km was aimed at serving as a platform for leading MNCs and software companies of the world for technology transfer. MSC functioned as an island of excellence with multimedia specific capabilities, technologies, infrastructure, legislation, policies and systems for competitive advantages. IEC had been spearheading expertise in the flagship application for Smart Education System (SES), Borderless Marketing, and User Interface Application.

IEC Infotech Sdn.Bhd. IEC in Malaysia (MSC Pioneer Status)

IEC Infotech was a 100 percent wholly owned subsidiary of IEC Softwares Limited, committed towards providing comprehensive and cost effective solutions and services to organisations to improve their competitiveness and competencies.

Malaysian Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

Successfully developed and installed ‘College Management System’. This system was an integrated solution of: Admission System, Academic System, Human Resource Management & Finance System.

Meteor Sdn. Bhd.

Designed and developed the ‘Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)’. This solution collected the financial data of all the subsidiary companies of Meteor and generate the required financial and MIS reports for individual subsidiaries as well as the consolidated financial reports for the whole group. Developed web-based IT course content for Desk Project of the State Govt. of Johar Baru - this project was jointly executed with MOL.COM.Sultana Amina Hospital, Johar Baru Customising, Designing and installing Intelligent Hospital Management System, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia IT education programs for the students of different faculties of UPM.Sunway College, Malaysia. High end IT training through “ACDS”, the professional Development wing of Stamford College, Malaysia.


IEC had signed a MoU with Polservice sp. Zoo. of Warsaw in the field of Information Technology Solutions for Poland. Polservice was engaged in the area of transferring technologies, knowledge and technical assistance from global sources into Poland. As per the MoU, IEC provided IT solutions for Wireless Application Protocols (WAP), Web Business, Finance, Manufacturing, and utilities & Services. It also trained Polish IT professionals in the use of varied and highly sophisticated software systems.

Milestones in the field of Education Sector Global Ventures

IEC Dynamics Pte, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company in Singapore, is to be incorporated with the objective of establishing, takeover, run and manage Educational Academy, Institutions, centres, schools, colleges for imparting all type of education to students for various courses and competitive exams including medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Engineering, Polytechnic, Information technology, Management, Hotel & Tourism Management, Fashion Technology and all types of academic, professional, vocational, technical or computer courses for exams conducted by various Board/Universities or Institutes.

For imparting excellence in education, IEC has been acknowledged and rewarded by various international and national bodies.

In Indian IT industry, do you think there is a significant gap in demand and supply (in terms of skills, quality, etc)?

Technical institutes have been mushrooming all over the country like anything. Though the quantity of universities, colleges and programmes are increasing in the country, the lack of quality education persists. It is unfortunate that majority of these graduates are found non-employable by many multinational and other national top companies as they are not able to match with their quality requirements. It is, therefore, imperative to prepare technical manpower competent to meet the requirements of the industry and the market challenges if our country wants to become the largest supplier of technical manpower in the globe. However, it is fascinating to note that creative and technical skills of Indian engineers and technologists are well recognised all over the world and we have to sustain that.

Keeping all these constraints in mind as I said earlier, we at IEC firmly believe in uncompromising commitment to impart quality technical education to our students.


Dr. Navin Gupta, CEO, IEC Group of Institutions

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