Please share the vision of Alliance University

Alliance University is a Private University established in Karnataka State and is recognised by the University Grants Commission. As a premier institution of higher learning, Alliance University has already established a legacy of excellence in business and management education. This has inspired it to pursue an eclectic and inclusive approach that not only focusses on its key constituents and furthers excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, but also includes a commitment to take the benefi ts of education and learning to society at large, in many more enlightened ways.

In a country such as India, opportunities in higher education are limited, which severely compromises enrolments. Alliance University was established with a conviction to make a signifi cant difference in addressing this gap by offering a range of educational opportunities. As an educationist, it is a part of my avowed vision to engage as an exemplary social citizen through outreach programmes in the fi eld of higher education that are aimed at transforming lives by leveraging the community of scholars at the University to reach out, mentor, guide and champion exceptional talent from among the underprivileged and underserved sections of society—students, scholars, entrepreneurs and self-help groups, among others.

Why should a student select Alliance University as the destination of choice?

Alliance University has crafted its undergraduate or graduate programmes with utmost care. The curriculum is designed with the help of experienced academicians and practitioners and is rigorous, contemporary, and forward-looking. The courses are designed to equip students with skills, abilities and knowledge that will enable them to take up positions of higher responsibility in corporate world anywhere, or to become entrepreneurs. To our students, we offer intellectual depth, abundant resources, and individual attention. To our alumni, we provide a lifelong connection to excellence. To the world, we have a commitment to ethical and responsible leadership.

A prospective student would select Alliance University given the core value proposition of University and its student-centred ethos in setting educational standards and raising these standards to ensure that students are transformed for life. The culture, ethos and faculty of University are all instrumental in attracting this cohort of key constituents, and the goal of transforming their lives towards a greater social wellbeing is central to the founding philosophy of University in creating and sustaining a community of learners.

With an outstanding international reputation, Alliance University attracts both faculty and students from all over the world. International students are an important feature and add to the diversity of experience for students, faculty as well as community. There is a strong support system for international students. At the same time, a number of articulation agreements with accredited universities and institutions globally enable students to participate in meaningful exchange programmes, short-term certifi cation programmes and dual-degree opportunities overseas.

Alliance University has magnifi cent infrastructure, comparable to the best in world. A “Green Campus” provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore innovative ideas, and encourages creativity and independent thinking.

How do you compare the mindset of Indian students vis-a-vis students from other nations?

Students in India, enrolled in higher education courses, are driven, motivated and seek access to educational opportunities which result in strong professional future. As a community of learners, the mindset of Indian students is unique. Indian students form a community of talented peers who strive to achieve excellence in all its myriad forms. Indian students are particularly adept in embracing diversity and multiculturalism. Even they aspire to raise the quality of interactions in classroom by thinking critically, solving problems, questioning and creating a climate of increased sensitivity towards different cultures. Furthermore, Indian students are propelled to excel academically in higher education and are known to positively infl uence their peers in many different ways.

What are the focus areas of your collaborations with International Universities and how benefi cial will it be for students here?

Alliance University has a range of articulation agreements with accredited universities and business schools across the world. Through these collaborative arrangements, Alliance School of Business develops various ‘Study Abroad’ programmes and facilitates educational experiences in several countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, China and Russia. Apart from having good understanding of different cultures, student-participants in these programmes have the opportunity to acquire fi rsthand international experience, and to develop themselves as global citizens. There are several international study opportunities for students, which are aimed at augmenting their intellectual, professional and personal development.

The Career Advancement and Networking (CAN) cell of Alliance University works year-round in providing exceptional international internships and placement opportunities for the students. This is achieved by building relationships and networking with industry professionals from multiple sectors. The efforts of CAN have enabled students to successfully secure placements globally and across key professional roles in leading global corporations.

What makes India an ideal education destination in current scenario?

Today, India has become the destination of choice for higher education for students from across the world due to, among other factors, multiculturalism, diversity and student heterogeneity that is actively encouraged by the stakeholders of educational institutions. Students are attracted to these institutions as these not only enable greater access and opportunity to world-class, affordable education, but also strongly promote and recognise merit and academic excellence through endowments and educational grants that support full-time study. Above all, the innovative curriculum and highly accomplished faculty together prepare students for a strong professional future with fulfi lling careers, and also mould them as exemplary social citizens.

Any message you would like to give to students/readers.

Nothing can quite uplift our spirit in the same manner as education does. Yes, there are some exceptions of people attaining greatness without formal education. But for rest of us, education is the foundation on which we build our dreams into reality. The major aim of any education should be the training of mind as an instrument of knowledge, and not simply to fi ll it with trappings of objective knowledge. Education, be it general or specifi c, should be focussed on overall development of an individual—–intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and ethical. Its purpose should be to generate a new spirit and outlook in students. Education, however specialised it may be with reference to student’s choice, is to be comprehended in the holistic context of different issues, milieu of society, and above all the infl uences of world. Education cultivates the growth of conscience as well as intellect—–both the ability to reach personal, moral decisions by the use of reason and understanding and the courage to defend these convictions.


Dr Madhukar G Angur, Chancellor, Alliance University

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