What motivated you to establish Morpheus Consulting?

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. This determination coupled with flair to take up challenges motivated me to establish Morpheus consulting. My vision is to make Morpheus a leader in HR domain.

What is the guiding principle of Morpheus Consulting?

Meeting deadlines is the benchmark of strategies at Morpheus. Financial loss is the biggest de-motivator in a business process. Therefore, meeting deadlines and delivering projects on or before time becomes quintessential at Morpheus. Moreover, a sound technology is the backbone of any business process. We ensure that our technical backup matches the best of the industry. Another factor that best defines the work culture at Morpheus is harmonised workforce and mutual help. Productivity is best when co-workers have sublime faith and complete trust amongst each other.

How does Morpheus Consulting utilise technology in finding the right talent?

Basically, I find talent is everywhere. It just needs to be placed properly. Morpheus consulting utilises technology to connect candidates through social media sites. We keep posting job openings in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We try to maintain an online relationship with candidates. We also keep posting blogs on career advice, career planning to properly guide the candidates. We also try doing brand awareness where more candidates can engage with us and get a suitable job.

Why do you think it is difficult for companies to find suitable talent?

Every company has different criteria and expectations from candidates. Some companies are very much tenacious with regards to the type of candidates they look at. For example, there are thousands of candidates who do have sales experience but companies will perceptibly choose someone very worth bearing in mind their prior company and the type of contacts they have in the industry. Likewise for other profiles, companies do search for candidates with relevant experience. If they find someone on a level of 10/10 but then they come across someone who is like 30/10, then it becomes a problem of plenty because they do have people but then not sure whom to pick. This could be one of the reasons.

In your opinion, what should a person do to get their dream job?

Each person’s path to his or her dream job is different, but it always has at least three requirements - hard work, perseverance and luck. Getting your dream job is not easy. First, you should know what exactly you want. Realising what you want is a major step. The next step is to keep the momentum by reaching out to the right people who can help you. The best way to reach a destination is by mapping out the directions of the companies where you can get your dream job. Last but not least; you should keep working hard.

In your experience, what should an individual focus on - Learning or a Career Path for growth?

Learning and career path goes hand in hand. As you keep learning, you build up your career path. Growth is like climbing a ladder. As you learn, you need to also implement it in a right manner. Hence you need to implement what you have learnt, which will help you to grow your career path.

Where do you see Morpheus Consulting 5 years from now?

With the dedicated Business development team to penetrate new accounts and support team to service and retain the existing accounts, Morpheus is poised to be the most preferred vendor with clients. Apart from a stronger and more formidable presence in domestic market, we are looking at the growth of Morpheus internationally through proactive client acquisition and business tie-ups.


Kailash Shahani, Founder, Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd

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