• In an interview with People and Management, Pankaj Bhargav, CEO, HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd, shares his views on the vision & mission of HRMantra, product benefits and future plans. Excerpts:

Please share the mission and vision of HRMantra Software?

Vision: To ensure that 1 in 10 employees worldwide use the HRMantra software

Mission: To keep innovating furiously to offer support free software and offer great ROI

With many companies providing HR Software Solutions in India, what is unique about HRMantra Software?

Surprisingly there are less than five serious HR products automating end-to-end hire to retire HR processes in India. Most have very less modules like payroll or leave and attendance or just performance and training management & that too with very superficial features. We have invested over 700 man years in its development, since the year 2000 and there are at least 160 powerful features in it that we have developed which have no parallel in the industry. It takes over eight years to make a decent HR ERP software and that too if the company has the risk appetite to keep investing money, passion to keep on innovating as also the art of retaining experienced professionals. The entry barriers are thus very high. HRMantra is, thus, the world’s most powerful HR software.

How your products/services have benefitted/are beneficial for your clients/customers?

Since HRMantra has over 10 major modules fully integrated into it like performance management, e-recruitments, training management, attendance & leave, project, HRMS, payroll & travel & expenses etc, it effectively replaces 10 isolated softwares. Thus, this avoids multiple master creations, multiple data entries and multiple transactions and import export hassles. It also reduces the chances of errors and management can trust the data coming from the HRD and take effective & faster business decisions. It also needs very lean and thin IT, HR & admin team, thereby giving you over 10 times ROI.

Can you share future growth plans of your company?

We plan to increase the features of our mobile version of software and will also develop multilingual software in the medium term. In addition, we will keep on adding features as per our clients’ requirements and optimising our products all the time.

It is always a challenge to effectively manage and develop human capital. As a CEO, what methodology you follow/followed to manage these responsibilities?

The first thing I want to ensure is a stress free environment at work. Developing, supporting and marketing a high end software product is an art and require skilled professionals at all levels who need to be given the broad targets but not micro managed. They are prone to commit mistakes which I take as a stepping stone to making the software better. You have to know that people want to do good job and be a part of some great success story in the making.

What are the most important decisions you take as a leader of your organisation?

To keep focussed on the HR software all these years inspite of endless challenges. I know that the more features we add to our products, the more competitive we become as we are solving the pain points of our clients. We also decided early not to create a customised layer for any client but parameterise it so that we do not have to maintain multiple versions of HRMantra. The most important part is that clients do not have time today for implementation so we have added tons of features to rapidly finish the implementation as also make the software easy to use and query with over 300 ready reports and 3D BI dashboards.


Pankaj Bhargav, CEO, HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd

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