• By Mr Sanjeev Vashishta, Chief Executive Officer, SRL Limited
  • In an interview with People and Management magazine, Mr Sanjeev Vashishta, Chief Executive Officer, SRL Limited, shares his views on Indian health sector, advances in health check ups and mission & values of SRL.

Now that health sector is undergoing rapid transformation in India, where does SRL stand today?

The diagnostic sector is going through an interesting phase. Although major portion of diagnostic business is being managed by so called ‘unorganised sector’, people are becoming more discerning about quality, in terms of service, product (samples), turnaround time and promptness in reporting. Further, the gap in demand and supply of quality diagnostic services necessitates service providers to reach out to people. SRL diagnostics has created an impressive network* of 246 labs and over 5000 collection points across the length and breadth of India that makes it the largest player in India in diagnostics arena and second largest in Asia in terms of volumes handled. We also have the largest network of accredited labs in India, with 32 National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) labs and four College of American Pathologists (CAP) certified labs. 65 hospitals have entrusted us with offering diagnostic services to them as hospital implants. Our ability to provide high end tests and esoteric tests as well as state-of-the-art technologies that help in quick and reliable diagnosis has helped us gain our customers’ trust.

Our vast menu of over 3500 tests and around 700 qualifi ed faculties, which includes eminent Histopathologists, Microbiologists, Scientists, Biochemists and Pathologists, put us in a higher orbit in the diagnostic arena. The test menu includes, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology and Blood Coagulation studies, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders, Surgical and Anatomical Pathology: Immunohistochemistry; Tumour markers, Radioimmunoassay, Chemiluminescence, Flow Cytometry, Microbiology, including Rapid Mycobacterial culture, Cytogenetics and Molecular Diagnostics, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

What are the recent advances in health checkups?

The epidemiological transition, from communicable diseases to non-communicable or lifestyle disorders, has played a major role in the need for wellness. In view of the recent, alarming rise in lifestyle diseases, hospitals and diagnostic labs alike, are promoting wellness as an essential choice of an individual to lead a healthy life. There is a stress on wellness as the choice to assume responsibility for the quality of one’s life, and to take personal interest in directing one’s life towards optimal health and well-being by focussing on early detection by means of world class screening tests and preventive wellness health checks.

Comprehensive wellness packages have been created to screen one’s vital organs and to suit the needs of individuals. Limitation with the normal check-ups is that they focus only on popular tests and often do not include the newer and advanced screening tests. With recent advances bringing to the fore, advanced tests for cancer screens, allergy screens- Phadiatop, which is employed for screening of allergic sensitisation in patients with suspected allergic diseases, food intolerance screens which actually needs to be done only once or twice in a lifetime, as well as excellent predictive tests for cardiology, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, HsCRP, homocysteine and autoimmune screen, a concept of niche health checks is being introduced for the discerning customer. These would aim at not only screening the individual for basic conditions but also provide due guidance for lifestyle changes and holistic health.

In an employee’s hectic work schedule, it is diffi cult to take out some time to go for a test and more diffi cult to go back to pick up the reports. Does SRL have any easy and convenient option? Please brief.

A health check can be as easy as giving 10 minutes of your time and one draw of blood, with the samples being collected from one’s home/offi ce and the reports being delivered via courier or email, at the person’s convenience. Since every patient has a distinct identity by means of a unique barcode number and a unique identity number, hence one can print reports at their own convenience, at their homes/offi ces. With the help of robust IT platform, SRL is also offering the facility of getting the reports through mails to its customers. Further, SRL maintains the health record for its clients at no additional charge and provides the values and graphical presentation of health record in the subsequent visits. Thus, if a patient has already visited any of the SRL lab fi ve times, he/she will get complete health record including previous fi ve visits, during the sixth visit.

In order to reach out to the customer, SRL is providing ‘Home Collection’ facility whereby the samples are picked up at the convenience of customers, from their homes.

It is always a challenge to effectively acquire and develop human capital in a health sector. What methodology you follow to manage these responsibilities?

While getting good quality human resources is not an easy task yet given brand value and vast network created by SRL, it is relatively easier to attract best talent. Apart from offering attractive salaries, perks and facilities, the team members are given opportunities to learn on job and also sent for advanced trainings and orientation programmes. A lot of emphasis is given to training the teams, whether on technical or soft aspects. This is one of the USPs of SRL. People brought up and trained in SRL command due respect in the industry.

Do you want to give any message to readers/society at large?

“Stay Healthy and should the need arise, we are just a call away.”

Together with our associates, we reiterate our commitment to serve our customers with vigour, passion and compassion and in the process realise our mission of becoming the fi rst choice path lab and/or wellness center for customers in all the markets that we operate.

*As on September 30, 2013.


Mr Sanjeev Vashishta, Chief Executive Officer, SRL Limited

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