With economies globally facing crunch situations, it is imperative that every organisation looks at ways and means of achieving operational excellence by investing in sound Human Resource practices. By improving this aspect of their business, they can ensure minimum impact on other resources including their people/employees who often face the brunt when an organisation not performs as per expectations. Tata Steel’s Vision, Environmental Policy and the UN Global Compact Principles guide Tata Steel’s approach to operational excellence focussing on employee and societal welfare. Improvements in Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for operational performance are driven through its Total Quality Management (TQM) process; with objectives and strategies making excellence integral to the way business is conducted.

In an effort to achieve its commitment towards societal welfare, Tata launched ‘Driver Training Programme’ in August 2011, a unique initiative that enhances employability and safety by offering training in driving skills, including defensive driving, basic vehicle maintenance, stress and anger management and fi rst aid skills. The aim of the programme is to train about 3.4 million drivers of light and heavy commercial vehicles over the next 10 years.

‘Driver Training Programme’ highlights Tata Steel’s ardent effort to ensure awareness among the drivers and to promulgate the sense of responsible driving. Tata Steel conducts ‘Driver Training Programmes’ at its steel plant and its stockyard for the heavy vehicle drivers on a regular basis. The training programme undertaken by Tata Steel ensure that the drivers are equipped with the best practices to operate in the steel plant and stockyards with safety measures and the same practices are followed while they are driving out of the yard as well. The training facilities serve as an extension to impart the ethos of the company in terms of behavioural approach for the customers and providing ‘best-in-class’ service.


Mr. Ashish Kumar Gupta, Chief, Customer Service Division, Tata Steel