How does 247HRM help organisations solve problems?

We believe that the pulse of the organisation is created by its people. Recruiting, developing, and retaining them is more complicated in today’s economy, and without doing them effectively, companies are unable to expand to meet demand. There is more pressure than ever on HR leaders to develop and execute new workforce and talent strategies to ensure an effective and efficient workforce that is trained to deliver. Unfortunately, many HR departments are simultaneously juggling these demands with a set of legacy technologies that are not up to the task because they don’t address the increasingly complex nature of HR’s role in the business.

Without the right HR solutions, it is impossible for HR leaders to collect, access, analyse, and act on the right information at the right time. With the deep penetration of smartphones in India, automating HR processes using employee self-service tools is a breeze.

Our goal is to create a happy & motivated workforce.

247HRM allows companies to share their vision & goals and deliver policies in a transparent and uniform manner with employees. Our mobile first approach ensures that every employee can access 247HRM and fulfil their HR, Tax & project obligations from anywhere at any time securely.

Your company, 247HRM is involved in providing solutions in different areas of Human Resource Management. Please tell us briefly about each product and the areas of HR they help find solutions?

247HRM automates all HR functions from induction to exit including Talent& Performance Management, Compensation Management & Statutory Compliance, Paid time off, Expense management, Training Management, Manpower & Salary budgeting, Exit Management, Skill and Succession Planning and other core HR functions.

247HRM’s Employee facing solutions allows employees to fulfil all their HR (policies, leave, appraisal, time tracking etc, Incident Management), Finance (loans, Income Tax, etc) and project (timesheets) obligations through an intuitive web interface. 247HRM is designed to be used just as easily on the mobile as the desktop. Some of the functionality is also available through apps. Our mobile apps and responsive employee facing features are easily accessible via smartphones & tablets.

In your opinion, which is the most important aspect of HR that should be automated?

All aspects of the HR function are important. Being great in one aspect and poor in another doesn’t deliver a holistic experience to an employee, and will ultimately lead to a workforce that isn’t working at its full potential.

The most important tool to motivate & drive employees is creation of goals that are constantly tracked. Automation is the key in delivering this level of continuous feedback.

How has automation changed the role of HR?

Evolution of technology has brought HR to the cusp of the next generation of change. The Human Resources function in organisations has been undergoing tremendous change in recent years. From being largely paper pushers trying to manage the operational needs of colleagues, much of the HR function of large and mid-sized organisations have been automated.

HR teams today work actively on two fronts. They help create and drive key business strategies. On the talent management front, HR has to help create a brand to attract skilled manpower.

What are the challenges in HR automation?

Unlike most other tools, every employee within your organisation is directly affected by and accesses the HRM platform. Creating a platform that has a simple UI for the employee while ensuring that all the complexities of company polices are adhered to in the background is a major challenge and one that we have successfully tackled after many years of incorporating client feedback and taking inputs from UI/UX experts.

How have 247HRM products evolved over the years?

We have consistently upgraded 247HRM to keep up with the ever evolving needs of our customers. Our focus and strength has been single point data entry that flows through our entire suite of applications, thus ensuring integrity of data, reduction of paperwork & reduction in time spent on day-to-day HR processes to help you focus on your core business.

Our role-based access in conjunction with our customisable workflow engine (which can mirror most of your legacy paper processes) ensure that migration from manual processes and legacy systems to 247HRM is smooth.

Entry of any data into 247HRM must go through an approval process to ensure security & accuracy. The approval process is built on a powerful and customisable workflow engine, which can mirror most paper processes.

247HRM’s dashboard allows senior management and CXOs to view a collection of interactive charts and MIS reports at a click of a button freeing up management bandwidth to focus on core business needs.

What more can the market look forward to, from 247HRM, in the near future?

We are constantly innovating and improving on 247HRM’s features to deliver employees & HR teams an experience that is second to none. In the next quarter, you can see improved L&D features, Asset tracking, etc.


Mr Varun Reddy, Director, Intersoft International Private Ltd

People and Management

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