How do you see the campus placement scenario in India in the backdrop of global slowdown?

Despite the slowdown, I don’t think there will be a substantial decrease in campus hiring numbers for most of the companies in India. This is primarily because Indian companies have started serving multiple markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pac, apart from the Americas. They have also grown in the value chain by offering more value-added services and support. So, though there will be some impact, Indian companies will still hire as they were doing earlier to meet the global demand.

However, the numbers may not increase as companies don’t plan to expand their workforce during slowdown. Therefore, we can say there will be a mixed trend - some companies may hire and some not.

What role do you see for technology-based solutions in simplifying campus recruitment?

In times like these, businesses are cautious about the numbers they hire as well as the quality of new-hires. Hence, there is a greater emphasis on assessment. It is difficult to maintain the rigour in assessment when the number of candidates is quite large. Technology-based solutions can be helpful in capturing more data from the applicants and in analysing such data to find out candidates who are likely to succeed in the selection process. The assessments can be automated, thus reducing the time taken in evaluation of student responses to tests. Technology can ease the process of registration of applicants, communicating with applicants, testing, profiling and engaging, and even in making offers to suitable candidates. Technology can also help in post-offer engagement of the selected candidates. Many companies are now actively using technology-based solution for campus hiring as it reduces a lot of routine work and saves time so that they can involve their staff to spend more time in interviews and interaction process.

In the current scenario, what strategies would you suggest for the companies to make the most out of campus recruitment?

As requirements of companies vary accordingly, one cannot suggest a one-size-fits-all approach. However, companies usually tend to increase hiring numbers in Tier 1 colleges and decrease numbers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges, only to be sure about the minimum quality of hires. This may not be a good strategy during slowdown, given that there are several technology-based solutions in the market that help them deal with the volumes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges and to hire the best talent available. Generally, the expectations of candidates from Tier 1 colleges are high; they are unwilling to work in remote locations and are also very selective about job roles. This may lead to early attrition which can be difficult for companies during slowdown.

Instead, companies should cast their net wide by leveraging technology and hire candidates who are best suited both in terms of skills as well as in terms of attitudes and values.

What is the uniqueness of Globarena’s offering to corporate?

Globarena has been serving educational institutions for the past 13 years and our experience in industry-academia interfacing has resulted in a highly evolved solution for campus hiring which will suit companies of all sizes across all industries.

Globarena’s GEMS (Globarena e-mentoring system) platform is being used in more than 500 colleges. Nearly two lakh students access online skill development courses and assessments through this platform. This helps us to provide in-depth insights about employability of students in each of these colleges and thus we can help companies decide where to hire and whom to target. Companies are given access to profiles of the students and their performance in various interim assessments as well as in final standardised assessment called GET (Global Employability Test).

Through the portal, companies can view the profiles of the students including the details of their academics as well as their employability skills and shortlist candidates who fit their criteria. This will help them in inviting the most suitable candidates to attend their selection process. Once the offers are made, the portal offers a social networking style platform to share information and updates about the company with the selected students.


VSN Raju, CEO, Globarena Technologies Pvt Ltd

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