Recruitment Trends – 'Ongoing War for the Right Fit'

Staffing/ Recruitment industry is continuously evolving and will always have something new to offer as hiring ‘right talent’ is a basic need of any organisation. ‘War for right fit’ is an ongoing chapter of ‘Recruitment’. Last few years staffing industry has witnessed enormous new trends like social media, employer branding, mobility, RPO, employments that offer flexibility etc. However, the technology is taking this process to a new level. We are a growing organisation and we have adopted some of the proven hiring practices which have given us good results:

a) Recruitment through Social Media – Social platforms have earned their place and we are also in the race of earning benefits of this new trend like any other organisation.

b) Employee Referral – We believe that our employees know the organisation’s expectation better, hence are able to refer the “right fit” candidates.

c) Pre-joining Connect - As the war for talent heats up, we keep our connect strong with the candidates that have been offered. This helps us to control our last minute dropouts.

d) Recruiter’s Skill – It is important for us to understand the recruiter’s expectation and strengths and we have a golden rule to follow which is ‘Assign hiring requirements as per the recruiter’s competency and domain expertise’. These ensure quality resume submissions and faster turn-around time.

Many researchers have proven that women score better in communication/ connecting and we have set an example to support this. At ACS, 90 percent of our India recruitment team comprises of female associates and time & again they prove that they make a difference.

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Manmohan Bhutani Vice President, HR and Business Operations, ACS Global Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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