Challenges of Employee Lifecycle Management

PNB MetLife Employee Life Cycle (ELC) model identifies stages in employees’ careers to help guide their careers and optimise associated processes. At each stage from recruitment to retirement, the employee is developing within the organization. Through ELC management, we ensure engaged employees which leads to higher productivity, satisfaction and stronger retention of employees. This helps in bringing out the best in employees at each stage of their tenure and helps promote PNB MetLife as an employer of choice.

PNBMetLife is a performance driven company where colleagues are valued and our core values are integral to success. We work by Customer led value generation, believe in operational excellence and right skill and right attitude.

Our ELC works through five components:

1. Recruiting: Hire the best, by using consistency and rigor in the hiring process of 4 level hiring

2. On-boarding: Ensure new hire retention through comprehensive assimilation actions.

3. Managing performance: Strive for high performance by providing timely and frequent constructive feedback to each employee.

4. Rewarding performance: Pay for performance, differentiate performance, and recognize and reward top performance.

5. Developing talent: Foster continuous improvement by providing training opportunities for each employee to grow professionally though various training methods.

The challenges with regards to ELC are pre dominantly around hiring the right skill with right attitude.

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Tim Braswell Director – Human Resources, PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd.

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