"For quite some time, Big Data Analytics, HR Information System (HRIS) are technological buzz words in HR landscape. More and more companies are considering the inclusion of HR analytics into the core decision making processes, especially, talent analytics and employee performance predictions. Data analytics, when considered at the enterprise level, enables one to recognise emergent patterns in workforce dynamics.

Digital Transformation is on its way in all companies – be it talent management or business decision making. This change in HR technologies is further fuelled by companies changing their core activities to the Cloud. Having the data consolidated on Cloud makes it easier to integrate analytics tools.

However, the challenge is to build the capability and expertise to move from a descriptive, retrospective approach of information system to a future-looking, predictable approach. Successful up-gradation of HR information system will drive the transition of Human Resources from a focus on HR management to strategic HR management with a support to various HR functional applications such as employee selection, placement, payroll and benefits management, to name a few."

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Alain Souny India HR Head/Group HRIS Director, Technip

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