"Sexual harassment can have a disastrous impact on the well-being of both the victim and the workplace. Training employees in the essentials of prohibited conduct is an important part of reducing liability and maintaining a professional work environment. The objective of the sexual harassment courseware is to provide a simple, comprehensive yet holistic understanding of the elements that could contribute to sexual harassment. This courseware is an interactive session that takes the participant through a journey that aims to educate on the different types of harassment, and help recognise behaviour that could be unacceptable in a work environment."

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Aruna Telang Manager, Consulting Services - Asia, Skillsoft

Current Issue

Jan Feb 2015

"Recognising workforce diversity as an area of strategic focus is very important for every organisation. Rather than discriminating your workforce based on race, ethnicity, sexual preferences etc, it is important that leaders in organisations educate their employees on specific and relevant issues that could create disharmony within the company.

It is vital to understand differences, provide equal opportunity and further develop ways to appeal to a broad set of employees. Sustaining change is not an immediate process and requires diversity to be an integral part of the company’s management practices. Diversity goals need to be directly linked to business goals. Efforts should be made to ensure that this has a direct impact on the business rather than be treated as philanthropy.

An organisation needs to establish mutual expectations, mutual infl uence and trust among its employees, customers and partners; paving the road for a credible organisation while expecting the same from its employees in return."

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