Best Tools for Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management has come a long way from the age old in person conversation to virtual communicating (well almost), Thanks to “Tech-no-logy”. As organisations strive towards making a difference in the market place with their product offering, processes, practices, top line / bottom line etc., it poses an increasingly challenging situation for all those who need to manage, enhance and stay ahead of the rest in with reference to their Assets – “Human Capital / Talent / Resources / Experts”, terms used per business line and convenience.

Over the last decade, HR professionals have tried various interventions to bring the best out of every individual they employ (partner) with in the organisation. From branding career opportunities talent acquisition talent management (includes performance & career management) Separation, technology been at the pinnacle in helping the cause big time.

Every gamut of Human Capital Management can now be dealt with innumerable tools that suits any type of organisation. One can upgrade from one tool to another all on the cloud per organisation change / growth. Erstwhile ERPs from HCM perspective are being replaced with cloud based solution. Earlier mantra was to combine all (if not most) of the features into one product is now replaced with “the best tool” that can solve specific problem area for the organisation. The tools have graduated to become highly user friendly and responsive. HR Analytics (includes predictive analysis) is a great boon to the community that leads the decision maker to take pro-active actions rather than age old reactive / trial & error mode.This area is seeing tremendous improvement where besides the cloud based systems, the platform can offer video based discussion that can be captured / stored for later use. This also brings about a great deal of transparency in the performance and career management process besides the captured content can also be part of training / case study for the organisation. Multiple On Demand products that can collaborate for effective knowledge building and knowledge management adds up to the various options available for HCM ,while helping the organisation grow the capabilities it needs to excel.

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Jagadishwaran R.Iyer, Chief People officer, On Demand Agility solutions

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