"In today’s world, there are lots of successful women entrepreneurs. Every woman is an inspiration in her own. Inspiration can be drawn from anybody, any where and at any level. Gone are the days, when women were called housewives, it’s time to call them homemakers or home engineers. So be it home or business, my advice would be that you do it with all your heart and passion. With business, one needs to strike a balance between family and work and things just start to fall in place. And when your passion turns into your occupation, the results are much better. If given proper support from the management and apt training in terms of leadership development, the sky is the limit for ambitious women. In this way, such support programmes indeed help women in their career progression. For me, my passion is my work and therefore, it doesn’t bother if it enters the sphere of my leisure time also."

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Manju Kothari Creative Director, Entice

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