"Top performing companies have long realised that diversity adds value to business and cannot be avoided or taken for granted. But still many organisations struggle to understand and implement diversity in workplace. In India, most of the organisations have limited the scope of diversity mostly to gender diversity but in real world it’s no longer just about avoiding gender, ethnicity, and race discrimination, or even compliance with legal regulations.

For any organisation, managing diversity is not as simple as it seems because one of the major challenges that diverse workforce brings along is mix of ethical standards. Ethics are about making choices that may not always feel good but are the right choices to make.

Many researches and studies have proven that ethical workplace culture make good business sense. The concept of diversity calls for recognition of contributions of the individuals with diverse backgrounds. It calls for management of organisations to embrace difference and inclusiveness, not just accepting those who are different but celebrating those differences and making your organisation a 'great place to work'."

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Manmohan Bhutani Vice President – Human Resource, Fiserv, India Region

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