"Contingent workforce is on the rise as companies are fi nding innovative ways to bring expertise on board for their growth. This sort of talent war calls for change in HR strategies as well. Although the inception of such hiring is a thing of past as companies used to fi ll gaps in tough economic times but ironically a 2015 research suggests that more than 80 percent executives indicating on using contingent workforce and that too when the global economy is improving and that too across all sectors.

With such a radical shift in the thought process, relying on contingent workforce requires additional investment in training, changes in HR policies, and support for the latest technology. This has brought about a trending shift in HR strategies as the company relies on HR to bring about the same level of engagement in contingent workforce, ensuring the best talent is working on the right project and at the right time. HR also needs to rethink over strategies on how to bring the contingent workforce into play in performance management, succession planning and to include them in their talent pools."

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Rajesh Tripathi, Vice President, GHCL Limited

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