"The workplace scenario in India has defi nitely changed manifolds over the past few years and more so from a women’s perspective. Organisations are rolling out programmes, policies and building up a culture which is equally conducive for both men and women to thrive. For me, it’s a two-way process with increasing number of women wanting to not just grow but be a part of something substantial and excel. I have personally witnessed changing mindsets and aspirations and would defi nitely give the credit for this to those women who’ve decided to break the barrier. You need to be the change you want to see holds true here. We see more women today than ever who know how to combat the conscious and unconscious biases in both professional and personal lives. And I fi nd this phase of Indian workplace as rather exciting and encouraging, for not just women but for men, investors and the stakeholders of an organisation."

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Rajita Singh Head HR, Broadridge Financial Solutions

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