"Our ability to collect and interpret massive data is improving day-by-day. Technology has equipped modern day CHROs with amazing power of going beyond transactional metrics of conventional static dashboards to interactive real time mining of large databases that enables connecting people-data with business goals.

More than displaying vast data or slices of data, telling a compelling story is important - a logic that connects the numbers is invaluable. Metrics and Analytics will be heeded and acted upon, only if you can relate them to organisational outcomes.

This is where cloud based systems are replacing legacy silo systems and helping link HR strategies to business outcomes. The combination of business data with workforce data helps in Inferential Analytics which improve the quality of decisions. Questions, on whom to hire, what drives performance, what is the value of one percent increase in employee engagement level etc, can now be answered through data-driven statistical analysis and not just gut feel or opinion."

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Sunil Deshpande General Manager – Corporate HR, Tata Chemicals Ltd

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