"In the present VUCA times, the environment is fast paced where change is the only constant. Current developments in our world are about the younger generation progressing and moving ahead by leaps and bounds and replacing experienced CEOs. Today’s world is of e-commerce where decisions are made by the click of a button. However, it is essential to remember that technology needs to be combined with the touch quotient by HR professionals.

Data Analytics in HR is the new trend and Big Data is now a buzz word that is being used in most corporates. Big data is useful in providing proactive and predictive indices which are really useful for a business and its leaders. For example, some companies are already using this tool to predict patterns of attrition.

The objective of HR Analytics is the application of sophisticated data mining to provide business with insights for effectively managing the human capital so that business goals can be achieved quickly and effi ciently."

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Dr Tanaya Mishra Senior Vice President-Group HR, JSW

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